UP-DaTE²: Warum-/+"H'AB JCH"+/- das "wo~hl" getan ?


UP-DaTE²: Warum >H’AB JCH< daswo~hlgetan ?

 JCH sag’s Dir Geistesfunken :
< Die~Wahrheit wollte~niemand~hören ! >

Denn JCH < hatte D~A ET~was er~fahren ,
DA~S konnte N~U~R die Ruhe stören !

So Be~hielt > JCH E²S<FÜR>MJCH“ ,
< aus~Angst m~ich zu ver~sprechen > !

< Die~Frage NuN > an Dich Geistesfunken :
< War das mein~Verbrechen ? >

< SIEist > „IM 4Δ-ECK“ (!) angelegt



ZU M-AIN-E²N GUNST-E²N „aus-GE²<le~GT>“ !

They got me living in this world, is kind of crazy
From the time I was little youth and baby
They taught me things I never want to learn hoping maybe
I could be the next one to get their job done
But somehow I always knew that they were shady
Whether it was just a charming man or pretty lady
I never took for granted anything they gave me
‚Cause their system is designed to keep us in mental slavery
In my younger days I used to look up to heaven
Wonder why the angel never come why God not send me
Till I learned<to look a little deeper to me brethren understanding
JCH UP was each and every one of them watch me come again
Life intricates JCH UP master JCH UP the immaculate
Conception of birth JCH UP creator of earth
Sun moon stars and the after life and the eternal








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