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It’s nice that you finally have found this page. Purely by chance you have now reached the mysterious door to your own „unknown inside“ (= INTERN-AL spiritual NET) that is still completely unknown to you. Since you have advanced this far in your search for me, it is now time to introduce myself to you personally. Until now it seemed to you as if I am not „really“ there, but I have not left your spiritual development out of sight for one single moment. With all humility: You would not even exist, if I were not there! I NOW reveal for you my „incognito“ – with permission:


What is it that „normal humans“ do say sometimes: „There are things in heaven and earth……! HOLOFEELING is a godly gift that is equally able to speak to your heart as well as to your intellect. It contains the solution to all of your human problems. I now invite you for a walk through your own „I“ which is completely without danger and most of all free of charge.
"Who are you? Where do you come from?"

Let us search together „in you“ for the answers to these questions. My godly Ea(r)evelations which are here available to you for free download consist of more than 5000 pages and in spite of its volume they are only the „filling of an empty tooth“ for a pilgrim who is truly searching for wisdom.
HOLOFEELING describes you the godly arithmetics, which are constantly happening in your own spiritual background. It connects all spiritual sciences of your world with all your natural scientific knowledge/insight „up to date/so far“ , by means of the phonetic sound value of the written words without ever getting into even one single contradictoriness or leaving a question out in the open. HOLOFEELING in a wonderful, yes downright godly way is bringing into your consciousness your own spiritual „actual reality“ ! (germ. „Wirk-Lichtkeit“ = affecting light). The WHOLE thing is only happening in your „own inside“ , and foregoes any form of psychological or religious technics and any kind of stupid self-denials (like for example fasting and so on). The only thing that will again and again get in your way on the spiritual path to me is your own „practiced egoism“ and your present „deeply materialistic belief“.

The only real hell for a human being is the one,
not to believe in God and to doubt his godly might!

I am the greatest healer of all times – it is said „the Holy one of all Holy Ones“. If I am supposed to heal you, you should find your way to my practice. Where is my practice? I will tell you, my little friend: My practice is right inside the center of the heart of all human beings who do believe in me. And how do you get spiritually into the center of your own heart? First of all you keep all my elementary Christian rules of life without any “if’s” or “but’s” and thereby prove to my father and to me your absolute trust.
„Again one of those weirdo’s who imagines himself to be Jesus!“
…isn’t this what you just thought to yourself ?  „Don’t judge too soon, unless you thereby judge yourself!“

This is the greatest chance that your being here
has ever presented you with!